I do photography

San Francisco

Market Street, San Francisco.

Of all the hobbies I’ve tried: playing football, playing guitar, practicing keyboard, writing, drawing and painting, Photography is the one I can feel as my own. One thing that irritates me of all the activities with some creative element -like writing or drawing- is that in order to improve and feel better doing them is that you have to express yourself. “let the inner voice come out and do the work”, “connect with your feelings”, “let yourself go” or something like that is repeated multiple times on the internet as a way to overcome the difficulties of the beginner.

But what if -and for me this is a big deal- I tried very hard to communicate my thoughts and feelings and in the end, every time I found myself with nothing to say to others.

I figured that if I don’t have anything to say -or it is very difficult for me to express- I might as well just capture what the world actually is and share that with others. As simple as that. At first I considered video, but I think it’s basically storytelling and that is too difficult for me.

From 0 to a hard drive full of pictures

I bought a Sony a6000. It’s light and reasonably priced. It’s a mirrorless, which means that you can change the lens and it comes with a big sensor but not as quite as big as a high end DSLR.

The thing about this camera is that it is fun. You can take it everywhere and start shooting and at the very first moment you notice that it’s is a leap in quality compared to the one that comes with the iPhone. Because it’s light you can shoot all day long. I don’t own a camera bag. The camera with the kit lens fits in your pocket so you can blend in anywhere and just take it off when you are about to shoot.

I have taken thousands of picture and I would say just 100 are kinda good. The bad ones you can tell they have bad composition, bad lightning, improper settings in the camera, too much post processing, poor use of flash, too much depth of field, or are just plain boring. The good ones, on the other hand, are publicly praised.

I really like that. It’s so different from other hobbies where it can takes years before your work can be enjoyed by yourself and other people.

That is why I do photography.

Edited by James Shannon